Volunteers make a difference when joining a group to visit an art gallery, an exhibition, gardens and theme parks.

Volunteering is a chance to give something back and really make a difference to peoples’ lives.  By donating your time or expertise to Ideal Connections (dsp) Ltd. you will experience first-hand how good this feels!   We can almost guarantee you’ll learn something too.

Ideal Connections (dsp) Ltd. is extremely grateful to all our volunteers, who bring unique talents and enthusiasm to our energetic community.   Volunteers enable us to run programmes and carry out extra activities that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Volunteers are priceless – the rewards are endless!  Whether you’re interested in volunteering as an individual or part of a corporate team, there are opportunities to play your part in the amazing work of Ideal Connections (dsp) Ltd.

Volunteer opportunities

+Work with support staff and clients to assist with events and fundraisers

+Spend time with clients reading, playing cards and games  

+Administration support

+Volunteer at Ideal Connections (dsp) Ltd. events

Ideal Connections is looking for Volunteers to assist with fundraising and events.

By volunteering you can help us provide much needed support to clients and families that are struggling due to lack of funding.


Whatever your business, big or small, the generous support of the business community can  be vital in helping us to raise funds and make a big difference in the lives of people with a disability.​

A number of companies have supported our work, either through direct donations, gifts in kind, staff involvement or event participation. We’re always keen to hear from companies who would like to partner with us. We can work closely to tailor a partnership featuring the right amount of involvement, while adding value to your business.

​There are many ways for companies to support Ideal Connections dsp Ltd; a starting point could be a workplace giving program, sponsorship or more. The possibilities are endless.

Corporate support

Workplace giving

Workplace giving is a simple yet powerful way to assist Ideal Connections dsp Ltd in supporting people with disabilities through regular payroll deductions.

If you’re employed, a regular donation to Ideal Connections dsp Ltd from your salary is a convenient and easy way to give. You also receive an immediate tax deduction without waiting and having to claim your gift at tax time. Your nominated deductible amount comes directly out of your pay, so you may not even notice the deductions.

If your company already has workplace giving arrangement, simply speak to your payroll office and they’ll be able to set up automatic deductions. Your gift to us might even be extended as some employers kindly match donations given by employees to charities.

Just think, for the price of one coffee or glass of wine a week, you could be benefiting someone with major needs.

Program sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship can help ensure our life changing programs can be implemented and grow to meet demand.

Some major programs we have been planning are not eligible for funding, but we continue to plan and hope that we can gain sponsorship's so we can provide these much needed programs to clients both funded and unfunded, as  we recognise the amazing impact they will make in people’s lives.

These programs and projects include:

Blue Fridays- Autism Awareness campaign

​The Outback- Hobby Farm, life learning, job skill and respite

Fitness Center- 


We Make a living by what we get, But we make a Life by what we GIVE!


Proudly Supporting

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